How do I install your content into my game?

I recommend you use The Sims 2 File Maid or any other unzipping program such as 7-Zip.

  How do you make your custom content?

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 and The Sims 2 Bodyshop.
I can't really teach you how to make clothes, I learnt how to do that by myself and I recommend that you do the same, everyone has their own technique. Mod the Sims 2 has some great tutorials.

  Why do you not compress your files with the Sims 2 Compressoriser?

I have installed and used this program on two separate occasions, after which my system started to lag and slow down, causing me to have to reinstall my Windows 7 OS. This may just be a coincidence, but ever since my last OS reinstall my system works perfectly fine without me having the Compressoriser installed. I have contacted DJS Sims about it, but unfortunately they cannot help solve this problem.

  Can my sim model for your website?

I do offer the opportunity for sims created by others to model my content here on Fashion Republic. Typically this opportunity is given as a winner's prize for modelling competitions, but if you send me a model and I happen to love her, then she'll probably be in.

  Do you take requests?

Unfortunately I do not, I'm sorry.

  Do you want to exchange links/affiliate?

I'm actually not picky about with whom I link or affiliate, just make sure to have a decent number of hits and downloads and give me a shout! ;)

                        » Email: fashion.rep@live.com